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Selection panel

The ideal panel would consist of someone who has knowledge of the requirements of the position, someone trained in recruitment and selection methods, and a mix of genders.

Panel responsibilities

The purpose of the selection panel is to select the most suitable, available person for appointment, support impartial decision-making, and avoid any potential perception of bias.

The panel convenor (chairperson) will:

  • ensure the panel is made up of a minimum of two relevant members (as per above)
  • convene the selection panel prior to the shortlisting of applications
  • provide an opportunity for panel members to disclose any matters deemed to be a conflict of interest
  • run the recruitment process.

The panel will:

  • declare a conflict of interest where they are related to an applicant, a close personal friend of an applicant or have anything but a professional relationship with the applicant
  • treat matters relating to applicants and the recruitment and selection process with a high level of confidentiality
  • ensure all the applicant information is assessed against the work related requirements and used by the panel to determine suitability for the role
  • retain appropriate documentation about the selection process and outcome
  • make provision for the right of applicants to access information regarding decisions made on their applications.
The single most important message for employers is not to make assumptions about perceived difficulties that will arise for an applicant with a disability – Dr John Byrne, Director of Corporate Services, Department of Parks and Wildlife. Dr Byrne is deaf.