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Dr Warren Louden

"In 1997 I had a call from Barry MacKinnon that the Disability Services Commission wished to make changes in the way in which therapy services were provided for children in the metropolitan area of Perth. This service, which had been set up firstly by the Health Department and then later by the Mental Health Department had been taken over by the Disability Services Commission - about 1992 - and had been providing the services through a group called S.A.T.S. - School Aged Therapy Services………Barry MacKinnon pointed out that consistent with the general thrust of Disability Services (DSC) they would prefer that service to become a funding body and that the actual services would be provided by non-government agencies with financial assistance from DSC. This was seen by me very much as an 'outsourcing' measure. I have had reservations about outsourcing ever since it became a policy; though I must say that I have warmed to it as I have had contact through Therapy Focus."