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Ms Freda Jacob

"Well, I think the greatest thing that has ever happened to me was in 1970 when I heard a girl - Barbara Stow - talk about the Disabled Living Foundation in England. She was starting a resource centre of equipment so that you could have in one area all the different sorts of equipment that handicapped people of all sorts of ages and disabilities could use. And she said if we had one in every country we could communicate all the new things that were out and we needn't re-invent the wheel. And, I thought this was the most fabulous idea I had ever heard and I rushed back to Perth and told Sir George Bedbrook about it, and he said he thought it was wonderful. And Joe Griffiths got in on the act; he thought it was fantastic too. And we made a decision that we'd start one in Perth and we went to all the different organisations and we talked to them and asked them if they would give us a little bit of money so that we could get a building and start this organisation…

We were going to start the centre but we didn't have a building…Mr Dorricott who was from the Paraplegic/Quadriplegic Unit - they had just combined with the Civilian Maimed and Limbless and they had taken over a lot of the buildings..……and he offered us 60 Havelock Street, in West Perth. It was the most unsuitable building you could ever imagine. It had a little ground floor, terrible steep steps and a huge upstairs. But never mind, it was a building."