Local Coordinators
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Local Coordinators

Local Coordinators provide ongoing support to individuals, their families and carers to assist them with accessing information, planning for the future, participation in their community, and identifying local supports and services.

Local Coordinators work with government agencies, disability and mental health organisations, and community-based organisations to ensure people with disability can achieve the goals outlined in their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plans.

As part of their role, Local Coordinators:

  • build and maintain effective working relationships with individuals, families, carers and the community in their local area
  • assist individuals, families, carers to access information through a variety of means and provide accurate and timely information where appropriate
  • engage with individuals, families and carers to identify their goals, strengths and needs
  • support individuals, families and carers to gain the skills, confidence and expertise required to plan for the future
  • facilitate and support the development, maintenance and review of plans
  • support individuals, families and carers to utilise personal and local community networks to develop practical solutions to meet their goals and needs
  • assist individuals, families and carers to access the supports and services they need to pursue their identified goals and needs, including access to funding as appropriate.

Local Coordinators adhere to a number of principles and guidelines in all their work. For further information refer to the Local Coordinator framework below.

PDF versions 
NDIS Local Coordinator Framework

Word version
NDIS Local Coordinator Framework