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Is my workplace inclusive and accessible?

An inclusive workplace is one where the human rights principles of fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy are promoted and are part of the organisation’s everyday goals and behaviour.

In an inclusive workplace:

  • There is a welcoming workplace culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and everyone feels valued.
  • Policies are in place concerning equality and human rights, working conditions, dignity at work, employee welfare and fair recruitment and procurement practices.
  • Members of staff at all levels are aware of the inclusive values of the organisation and are actively consulted and involved in policy development.
  • The workforce is representative of the local community or customers (or, if not, underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply).
  • All employees are encouraged to develop and progress, and any barriers faced by specific groups are identified and action taken to address them.
  • Unnecessary hierarchies and occupational segregation, where groups of employees are congregated into certain areas, are discouraged.
  • The organisation is aware of any potential tensions within the workplace, and takes action to anticipate and address them.
  • Inclusive strategies are fully supported and promoted by senior staff.