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The Lighthouse Project

The Lighthouse Project is a partnership project between the Disability Services Commission and Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) WA to increase the employment of people with disability in local government.

The project supports local governments to meet their Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) obligations in relation to Outcome 7 - Employment of people with disability - a legislative requirement which came into effect 1 July 2015.

The project comprises a range of initiatives to improve local governments’ understanding of the benefits of employing people with disability. It also assists local governments to develop targeted strategies to overcome barriers in employing people with disability.

The project included two grant rounds to local governments to improve the recruitment and retention of people with disability.

The project gives local governments access to advice and practical support so staff can build confidence and understanding about the needs of workmates with disability. Other initiatives focus on continuous improvement in the way people with disability are engaged with, and employed by, local government.  

Personal stories

From the start of the Lighthouse Project, local government authorities have expressed a strong desire for personal stories and videos about people with disability working in local government. Three videos, from a metropolitan, regional centre and small regional local government location have been produced. Five written stories about employees at metropolitan and regional local governments have also been developed.

Written personal stories

Personal stories on YouTube