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Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP)

The Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP) provides an equitable and accessible scheme for the provision of equipment and home modifications to benefit people with a long-term disability living at home in the community.

All CAEP-funded equipment and home modifications are provided to enhance the function, independence and safety of the equipment user; and to assist unpaid carers in their caring role.

Step-by-step guideline for accessing CAEP 

The supporting documents for each step are provided in the documents below.

Step 1: Fill out the CAEP referral form.

  • Ask your health professional (e.g. GP or an Allied Health Professional) to check your eligibility and refer you to your local CAEP Service Provider.
  • Your health professional will complete the CAEP Referral Form below and locate your CAEP Service Provider.
  • The referral information kit will assist your health professional in determining your eligibility.

Step 2: Locate the local CAEP Service Provider.

  • You or your health professional can identify your CAEP Service Provider by locating your postcode in the CAEP referral form.

Step 3: Find the contact details for your CAEP Service Provider and send the CAEP referral form to them.

  • You or your health professional can find contact details for your identified CAEP Service Provider in the CAEP referral form.
  • The CAEP referral form is sent directly to the CAEP Service Provider.
  • You may wish to contact your CAEP Service Provider to make sure the CAEP referral form has been received and to find out the next step.

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