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Behaviour Support

It can be difficult understanding and knowing how to manage challenging behaviour in people with disability.

For parents and caregivers, finding ways to cope with the behaviour is often distressing, stressful and frustrating.

To help people in these situations, the Disability Services Commission offers three levels of service.

Behaviour support services

School-age and adult teams

School-age and adult teams are located in Myaree and Joondalup. These teams provide support to individuals (age six or older) and families experiencing issues related to challenging behaviours.

Referrals to this team can be made at any time directly by individuals and families, through disability support agencies and through the Commission’s Local Area Coordinators (LACs).

All referrals need to be discussed with the Team Leader before being submitted.

Specialist behaviour support teams

Specialist behaviour support teams are available to support families where challenging behaviour has become complex.

These services, for people with disability aged six to 25, aim to improve the safety, wellbeing, skills and quality of life for the person with disability.

They also aim to prevent family breakdown or the placement of the person with disability in accommodation other than the family home.

The teams work intensively with the individual and family to increase their understanding and management of the challenging behaviour. The service is time-limited (usually six to nine months).

The teams provide the service across the metropolitan area, working from the Commission’s Joondalup and Myaree offices.

To gain access to the service, a referral must be made through the family’s LAC. Referrals are usually called for twice a year and the LAC can let the family know when referrals can be made.

Accommodation behaviour support team

The accommodation behaviour support team provides consultation services for people with disability who exhibit challenging behaviour and live in supported accommodation, either through the Commission or other disability support organisations.

The clinical psychologists and behaviour consultants in the team work from the Myaree office but cover the whole metropolitan area.

A behaviour support helpline is available for accommodation support staff who can contact the team for advice before submitting a referral.

For more information

School-age and adult teams

Team Leader (North)
Ph: 9301 3800
Team Leader (South)
Ph: 9329 2300

Specialist behaviour support

Team Leader (North)
Ph: 9301 3800
Team Leader (South)
Ph: 9329 2300

Accommodation behaviour support team

Behaviour support helpline
9am-12.30pm (Tuesday)
1pm-4.30pm (Thursday).
Help desk
Ph: 9329 2360

Positive Behaviour Service
Regional Manager (South)
Ph: 9329 2401

Positive Behaviour Service
Regional Manager (North)
Ph: 9301 3823