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Mr Brian Kidd

"There was one guy there…and the other (architecture) students used to tease him a little - good-natured barracking. But he wasn't an intellectual type - not into libraries and wasn't soft and sensitive…they had all volunteered to go on outings with their people (with disabilities) to get to know them…I'd said 'Unless you know these people, how can you design for them?' And I remember this Mark came in late one morning…he'd been at the zoo that morning and helped with a group……and he said 'I was pushing him along and all of a sudden, Arnold started convulsing and I thought ooh what do I do? There's no-one around to help me'. And then he realised that Arnold was excited and happy, and what it was, he wanted them to move faster because of the pattern of light through the bars of fences and cages and he wanted to move faster because of the sensual pleasure he got from the pattern of light. And Mark said to him 'Tell you what, we'll go round again' and they ran round the block three times! 'I had as much fun as he did!' And he said 'In all these years I've never stopped to see the pattern that sunlight makes. It took Arnold to sensitise me to that type of thing'. And you could see his attitude changing."

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